Fingerprint order

View requests that require advanced authentication and their fingerprint order.


RequestFingerprint Order
Add Addressaddressee_name, addressee_surname, line1, line2, line3, country, county, city, post_code, default_shipping, resource_type, employee_id, token
Delete AddressaddressId, token
Update AddressaddressId, addressee_name, addressee_surname, line1, line2, line3, country, county, city, post_code, default_shipping, resource_type, employee_id, token


RequestFingerprint Order
Add Autotagname, operation, expense_category_id, tax_rate_id, criteria,tag_ids, token
Update AutotagautotagId, name, operation, expense_category_id, tax_rate_id, enabled, criteria, tag_ids, token
Delete AutotagautotagId, token

Card Rules

RequestFingerprint Order
Delete PresetpresetId, token
Unset PresetcardId, presetId, token
Set PresetcardId, presetId, token
Set Card Rulesname, amount, enabled, token
Set Countries Card RulecardId, request_timestamp, token
Set Merchant Categories Card RulecardId, request_timestamp, token
Set Spending Limits Card Rulemax, enabled, token
Unset Spending Limits Card RulecardId, limitName, token
Set Cashpoint Limits Card Rulemax, enabled, token
Unset Cashpoint Limits Card RulecardId, limitName, token


RequestFingerprint Order
Add Cardrequest_timestamp, owner_type, owner_public_id, walletId, addressId, vehicleId, token
Update CardcardId, addCardAssignees (joined), removeCardAssignees (joined), label, vehicleId, token
Destroy cardcardId, token
Switch Card WalletcardId, newWalletId, token

Expense Categories

RequestFingerprint Order
Add Expense Categorycode, name, tax_rate_id, description, enabled, expense_type, merchant_categories, token
Update Expense Categoryexpense_category_id, code, name, tax_rate_id, description, enabled, expense_type, merchant_categories, token
Delete Expense Categoryid, token

Expense Reports

RequestFingerprint Order
Download expense reportexpenseReportId, fileType, token
Update Expense ReportexpenseReportId, approver_id, status, token
Delete Expense reportexpenseReportId, token

Expense Review

RequestFingerprint Order
Send Reminderuser_id, request_timestamp, from_date, to_date, token
Update Expense Statustransaction_id, status, status_category, approver_id, token
Update Expense Typetransaction_id, type, approver_id, token
Request Expense Infotransaction_id, message, approver_id, token
Add Expense Review Configurationrequest_timestamp, start_date, policy_url, start_date_type, token
Update Expense Review Configurationrequest_timestamp, start_date, policy_url, enabled, start_date_type, token
Export Expensesuser_id, transaction_ids, token


RequestFingerprint Order
Add groupname, type, custom_reference_id, note, token
Delete groupid, token
Update group datagroupId, name, type, custom_reference_id, note, token
Add resource to groupid, type, token
Remove resource from groupid, type, token


RequestFingerprint Order
New Listdictionary, uniqueSelectTag, token
Update ListlistId, dictionary, uniqueSelectTag, visible, token
Delete ListlistId, token
Add TaglistId, tag, description, token
Update TaglistId, tagId, tag, visible, description, token
Delete TaglistId, tagId, token

Online Ads

RequestFingerprint Order
Add Online adname, platform, wallet_id, token
Activate online adid, token
Update Online adid, name, wallet_id, token
Add Online Ad Assigneesid, token
Remove Online Ad Assigneesid, token
Delete Online adid, token


RequestFingerprint Order
Delete orderorderId, token

Pay someone

RequestFingerprint Order
Add Contactname, type, country, [account_info.type,+,account_info.identification], token
Delete ContactpublicId, token
Update ContactcontactId, type, [account_info.type,+,account_info.identification], token
Make PaymentcontactId, idempotencyId, walletId, schema, reference, amount, token


RequestFingerprint Order
Set User RoleuserId, name, description, scope, token
Unset User RoleuserId, name, description, scope, token
Add Resource Setname, description, token
Delete Resource SetresourceSetId, token
Update Resource SetresourceSetId, name, description, token

Pre-approved spend

RequestFingerprint Order
Add Purchasetitle, assignee_id, wallet_id, amount, description, max_tx_number, token
Update Purchaseid, title, description, max_tx_number, token
Delete Purchaseid, token

Refueling Transactions

RequestFingerprint Order
Search refuelingtype, publicId, fromDate, toDate, dateType, txCountry, txFuelType, status, token
Get RefuelingrefuelingId, token
Update refuelingrefueling_id, mileage, quantity, tx_fuel_type, unit_price, token


RequestFingerprint Order
Add Subscriptionname, platform, wallet_id, payment_frequency token
Activate subscriptionid, token
Update Subscriptionid, name, wallet_id, payment_frequency, token
Add Subscription Assigneesid, token
Remove Subscription Assigneesid, token
Delete Subscriptionid, token


RequestFingerprint Order
Search Transactionstype, publicId, customReferenceId, groupId, fromDate, toDate, dateType, category, status, tagId, metadataId, expenseType, expenseStatus, text, token
Get TransactiontransactionId, token
Set Expense categorytransactionId, expenseCategoryId, token
Remove Expense CategorytransactionId, token
Set VAT RatetransactionId, taxRateId, token
Remove VAT RatetransactionId, token
Add a TagtransactionId, tagId, token
Remove a TagtransactionId, tagId, token
Add MetadatatransactionId, metadataId, metadata, token
Update MetadatatransactionId, metadataId, metadata, token
Delete MetadatatransactionId, metadataId, Token
List AttachmentstransactionId, token
Get AttachmenttransactionId, attachmentId, token
Upload AttachmenttransactionId, fileName, fileType, token
Attachment confirmationtransactionId, attachmentId, fileName, fileType, token
Update TransactiontransactionId, trx_owner_id, token
Update Attachment MetadatatransactionId, attachmentId, token


RequestFingerprint Order
Create Userrequest_timestamp, name, surname, mobile_access, web_access, token
Update Usercustom_reference_id, job_title, mobile_number, mobile_prefix, email, enable_mobile_credential, enable_web_credential, token
Update User StatususerId, status, token
Delete UseruserId, token

VAT Rates

RequestFingerprint Order
Add VAT Ratecode, name, percentage, description, enabled, token
Update VAT Ratetax_rate_id, code, name, percentage, description, enabled, token
Delete VAT Rateid, token


RequestFingerprint Order
Add Vehiclenumber_plate, description, vat_deductible, fuel_type, token
Update Vehiclevehicle_id, number_plate, description, vat_deductible, fuel_type, status token
Delete VehiclevehicleId, token


RequestFingerprint Order
Create Walletrequest_timestamp, owner_type, currency, name, token
Internal transferamount, currencyCode, fromWalletId, toWalletId, token

Webhook Subscriptions

RequestFingerprint Order
Add Webhook Subscriptionwebhook_url, enabled_events(joined), active, token
Update Webhook SubscriptionwebhookSubscriptionId, webhook_url, enabled_events (joined), active, token
Delete Webhook Subscriptionid, token