Use cases

Check out some of the things you can do with the Soldo Business API.

Third-party integrations

Use our API to sync Soldo with your third-party tools, so you can automate time-consuming tasks and keep your accounts up to date.

Here are some examples of integrations our customers have implemented:


  • Automatically export Soldo transactions to your accounting software/ERP, and set rules to ensure all the necessary information (e.g. amount, date, description etc) is included every time.
  • Import information (e.g. cost centre, project etc) from your accounting software/ERP directly into Soldo, so you can enrich transactions with the details you need to accurately categorise them.
  • Import your company car list and automatically sync any updates, making it easier and more efficient to use the mileage and fuel reimbursement features within Soldo.


  • Sync employee information from your HR software, so new users are automatically created within Soldo and assigned a card according to their role, and employee information is kept up to date.
  • Automatically add employees to specific groups or assign specific roles within Soldo based on information imported from your HR software.
  • Sync information from the expense review feature with your payroll software, i.e. to automatically deduct out-of-pocket or rejected expenses.

Tracking and project management (e.g. Jira)

  • Automatically trigger certain actions within Soldo by integrating with project management tools.
  • For example, sync your Jira account so that a new card is automatically created for an employee in Soldo every time the relevant ticket management flow is completed.

Expense management

  • Create custom users with specific permissions to match the rules defined in your expense management system, i.e. creating a custom user who can only access the specific set of other users related to their particular cost centre.
  • Export transactions according to their review status so they can be correctly categorised in your system, i.e. send every transaction as soon as it has been approved.


  • Automatically import all Soldo activity information into your analytics software to easily create and maintain expense-tracking dashboards.
  • Automatically extract transaction information to analyse data and create reports.

Automation within Soldo

You can save even more time by using our API to automate many of the actions within the Soldo platform itself.

Here are some examples of actions our customers have automated within Soldo:

  • Create a payment card with predefined spending limits every time a new user is added to Soldo.
  • Top up the balance for certain wallets on a periodic basis.
  • Top up Soldo cards when users have to travel, and remove the money from the wallet when they return.
  • Assign Soldo permissions to a user based on their company role.
  • Create a temporary virtual card for a user once a pre-approved expense has been approved.
  • Create and assign a temporary virtual card when a current user card falls into a specific status (e.g. lost or expired).
  • Send a regular report of transactions with a specific review status to a specific user or role.

These are just some of the things you can do with our Soldo Business API, but there are many more. Check out our API Reference to learn more.

If you need help or technical support, contact our product specialist team.